Our vision is to make the young aspirants of Agia and its adjoining areas to impart higher education with scientific spirit, so that they can be manful of fragrant the nation, a developed India.


Our mission is to facilitate comprehensive and integrated developmrent of the young people irrespective of gender, caste, community, religion of th lower Assam in general and Agia and its adjoining area in particular. To gear up the poor people as well as the women in the heigher education and to make them proper for future life as well as for the nation.

Goals & Objectives

On the basis of Vission and Mission of the college hunt down the best in every respect. Unremitting and untiring search and activity for the literature, culture, Art and music, games and sports and specially in academic is thre goal.

And to touch the feet of the Goal the college has designed the objectives as-

  1. Providing the option of quality heigher edcucation to the aspirants with necessary infrastructure.
  2. Introductiuon of professional courses and new subjects to cause job opportunities.
  3. Developing the sense of unity, equality and fraternity among the aspirants and to bloom them as proper and ideal for the nation.
  4. Care to develop the aspirants in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities irrespective of caste, creed, gender etc.
  5. To work for personality development of the aspirants and moulding of national character.

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